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ModeBlu: Defining a new reality

Seth Westhoff

Posted on September 30 2014

Utilitarianism: a world controlled by such a tenet is dry and lifeless. Driven by this singular notion, the cellphone accessories industry became a cold and vapid. Like an architectural masterpiece standing amongst concrete monstrosities, there is a beacon of hope.

Few people see beyond the walls functionality erects, to realize beauty in even the most mundane. Buildings are terribly functional objects. They lodge people and their belongings. Architects such as Santiago Calatrava Valls and Kazuyo Sejima however, are examples of visionaries that have dared to look beyond the confines of tradition. They have helped challenge traditional concepts of design and revolutionized the perception of buildings. The edifice of cellphone accessories requires the same renovation of understanding.

ModeBlu exists for just that reason. We believe that people deserve more than functionality in their cellphone accessories and like those bold architects, challenge the norm. Our chic and fashionable products are meant to be extensions of personality, feelings, and surroundings, thereby infusing vitality into an otherwise rigid sphere.

Defy the standard with fashion!


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