Galaxy S5 Case Mode Diary Wallet Cover - ModeBlu

Galaxy S5 Case Mode Diary Wallet Cover - ModeBlu

$ 14.99

Hot Pink


ModeBlu Mode Diary Galaxy S5 Case


Many say that Paris is the fashion capital of the world. Mode Diary is appropriately named then as “Mode” is French for fashion. From the stitching, to the soft faux leather, metallic clasp, and ample storage space, this case represents haute couture in the phone fashion world. With it in hand or dangling from your wrist by the wristlet, you will stand out as an in-the-know connoisseur of style. In addition, your valuables and phone are well protected enveloped in the full cover. Show off your fashion sense with the Mode Diary.

Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy S5


  • 6-Card slots with paper currency slot
  • Magnetic closure
  • Media stand feature
  • Strap included

Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
A decent phone wallet for an older model phone

I love this wallet! It's cheap and does the trick. I can carry cash (minus coins), credit cards, my license, receipts, and my cell phone conveniently all in one place! I swear it has saved my phone from being damaged the countless times that I have dropped it, banged it, and otherwise not been as careful as I should have.

The downside? The magnetic mechanism is a little weak and if you stuff too many cards, cash, and receipts into the wallet part, it might not clasp. Also, because it is cheap and I use my phone constantly (it's virtually my purse), I end up replacing it about every 6-8 months; I just ordered my fourth one (and a back up). The weak magnetic clasp and the lack of durability is why I rate it 4 stars instead if 5.

That said, I don't mind replacing it because ModeBlu has EXCELLENT customer service. The last time I ordered in December, they accidentally sent me the wrong cover. As soon as I sent them an email, they told me to keep the original order and sent me the correct order within 3 days - not business days, but 3 actual days - , and this was right after Christmas! Now that's how you keep a loyal customer!

Great little phone wallet

This is the only phone wallet for the Galaxy S5 that I can find with so many pockets for cards and cash. It has 7 pockets! The quality is kind of cheap, and I end up replacing it every year. Also, I wish the magnet was stronger because when you fill all of the pockets, the wallet is burgeoning and the strap has to stretch around and hold all of that. But All in all, it's a decent little phone wallet.

P.S. I give Modeblu 5 stars. They accidentally sent me the wrong order, and when I contacted them, they not only immediately sent me the right order, they told me to keep the other one! Now that's how you keep a customer.

Five Stars

My wife loves this

Five Stars

Loved Loved Loved it

Nice pink color

Nice pink color. My Samsung Galaxy S5 is a very tight fit. It barely covers the face of phone. The power button is hard to push. I use my fingernail to get in there.

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