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About ModeBlu

The world of phone accessories has long been dominated by a functional mentality. It’s dull. Mundane. Banal, if you will.


Enter ModeBlu.


We break out of the typical “functional-equals-dull” mold to offer new, exciting, and fashionable phone cases.


Our small but innovative band of artists and designers is based in Santa Fe Springs, California and, for four years, has challenged an industry dominated by functionality with style.


We sell affordable phone cases that appeal to many different tastes and preferences. That’s reflected in the many choices of colors and styles we offer in our product line.

The name ModeBlu is a play on the French word Mode, meaning fashion and the color blue, representing something cool and serene. Together the name means fashionably cool.

ModeBlu cases are affordable yet expressive, are made with a high level of craftsmanship, and come with a six-month warranty.

Life can be interesting and expressive. Just as the earth transforms the ball of burning gas above our planet into beautiful sunsets, rainbows, warmth on a frigid winter day, and summer evenings with friends, so does the dynamic creative spirit breathe life into our existence. The world of phone accessories should be no different.

At ModeBlu, we understand this. It’s what we’re all about.

ModeDefy Your Life today.

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